(Starts November 27, 2020)


Welcome to Callous Row

Welcome to the futuristic cyberpunk slum of callous row. The most degenerate place to live on Corvanis 3 in a galaxy run by oppressive Megacorporations. Follow the citizens of this hell hole as they try to scrape out a living in a city where a success is simply staying alive.

The World's Largest Episodic Virtual Reality Production!

The World's Largest Episodic Virtual Reality Production!

Callous Row has a cast of over 150 Characters across four world maps. Using VRChat’s platform we have been able to find a user friendly way to host this large scale production. All of the maps and avatars are custom made with Callous Row in mind. While the overall storyline and plot are written and directed by professional game masters, the majority of the story is created in real-time as events unfold in this living world.

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Experience Callous Row with Spectre

The Callous Row development team has created a live viewer that allows you to track all the action while watching the show as it is happening. Instantly swap points of view (POV), follow your favorite characters, live chat with other viewers, and read all their lore in one place. Also, all POVs are synced so you can go back to previous episodes and binge all the greatest moments or catch up on the action.

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Experience Callous Row with Spectre
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